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©2018 by Susan K. Chen Memorial Foundation for Music Education. 


  • 以推廣音樂教育,提升音樂教育水準為宗旨,辦理下列業務:

  • 贊助屏東縣教師合唱團推展音樂教育、藝術服務社會活動經費。

  • 為鼓勵對於音樂有特殊天賦,出國深造者,由有關單位推薦經審查合格者,予以獎助。

  • 為栽培鼓勵本縣籍音樂藝能優秀在學學生努力向上,設置獎助金。

  • 發揚中華文化,推展音樂教育,提昇音樂教育水準,舉辦音樂研習活動,禮聘名教授專題演講及指導。

  • 提倡正當活動,以藝術服務社會培養高尚情操。

  • 協助優秀音樂團體來屏東演出。

  • 其他有關提倡音樂藝術活動。


For the purpose of promoting musical education, the foundation conducts the following business:

  • Financially sponsors Pingtung Teachers’ Chorus to promote music education and “serving the society through arts” activities.

  • Provides scholarship to qualified musical talents to go abroad for advanced study.

  • Provides scholarship to Pingtung students who display outstanding skill in music and arts.

  • Holds music workshops and invites world-renowned professors to give lectures and instruction, in order to promote music education and Chinese culture.

  • Promotes healthy activities and serves the society through arts, for spiritual benefit.

  • Invites outstanding musical groups to perform in Pingtung

  • Performs other activities relevant to arts and music promotion.








Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan 900