Susan k. Chen Memorial Foundation for Music Education

About Us

Introduction to the Foundation

The pianist, Ms. Susan K. Chen, was born in Taichung in 1932 to Mr. Ding-Shun Kuo, an industrialist. She moved to Pingtung after marriage and had great influence on the development of local music education. Susan frequently held recitals, seminars and workshops, inviting nationally and internationally renowned musicians to perform and provide instruction. She served as director of Pingtung Music Association and founded Pingtung Xin Yun Chorus. In 1987 she also established Pingtung Teachers’ Chorus.

In July 1988, she sadly passed away in a car accident. In memory of Susan’s dedication to promoting music education and the sacrifices she made for its advancement, in 1989, her husband, Mr. Wen-Hsiung Chen, established the Susan K. Chen Memorial Foundation for Music Education for the continuous promotion of Pingtung cultural arts and music education.

The current chairman, Ms. Pei-Feng Chen, is the couple’s eldest daughter. She continues to sponsor musicians (groups) and organizes various music activities, while also cooperating with the county cultural office to promote music education and facilitate international exchanges. She carries on the enthusiasm and dedication of music that was passed on by her parents, allowing beautiful music to be shared with more people.

For the purpose of promoting musical education, the foundation conducts the following business:

  • Financially sponsors Pingtung Teachers’ Chorus to promote music education and “serving the society through arts” activities.

  • Provides scholarship to qualified musical talents to go abroad for advanced study.

  • Provides scholarship to Pingtung students who display outstanding skill in music and arts.

  • Holds music workshops and invites world-renowned professors to give lectures and instruction, in order to promote music education and Chinese culture.

  • Promotes healthy activities and serves the society through arts, for spiritual benefit.

  • Invites outstanding musical groups to perform in Pingtung

  • Performs other activities relevant to arts and music promotion.