Susan k. Chen Memorial Foundation for Music Education

Destinations: A Musical Journey

Welcome to the concert which will showcase some unique and interesting musical styles and instruments from various cultures. The atmosphere of the music allows the audience to connect with familiar pieces as well as to explore exotic sounds, unusual rhythms and global musical styles, The combination of the majestic and venerable tones of the pipe organ with the modernity of the vibraphone, marimba and steelpan and rhythmic support of the drumset and Latin percussion seeks to transport the audience through a mystical and timeless musical adventure.

《Disney Medley》

Audience members will hear the enduring songs connected to some of Disneys most classic movies. Featured are music compositions by Alan Menken including Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast), A Whole New World (Aladdin) and Under the Sea (the Little Mermaid). From the iconic Disney theme park song Its a Small World to recent films including Youre Welcome (Moana) and Let It Go (Frozen), the music conveys a sense of playfulness, joy and childlike wonder.


Bluegrass style of music is firmly established in the United States Appalachian Mountains region. Originally hailing from Ireland, the pieces as well as instruments such as the hammered dulcimer, continue the traditions. Featured is a medley of reels and hornpipes: Harvest Home, Flowers of Edinburg, the Metal Man and Around the World which is followed by an ensemble arrangement of the folk-music song by the Fleet Foxes, Blue Ridge Mountains honoring their heritage.


Salsa music is based on the melding of Afro-Cuban dance rhythms and forms, jazz harmony and was originally performed by Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and other Hispanic nationals in the New York area. Percussion instruments are highlighted with a predominant sound of congas, cowbells, woodblocks, tomtoms and rimshots. This is an arrangement of Ran Kan Kan, composed by the band leader and timbalist, Tito Puente, also known as El Rey meaning the king.

《Woodland Dream》

Ambient music has simple melodic motifs, without heavy reliance on rhythm or electronic instruments, that repeat and layer. There is a feeling of space and breath, calmness and being grounded. Cristoforis Dreamis a composition by New Age pianist, David Lanz, inspired by and dedicated to the inventor of the piano, Bartolomeo Cristofori.

《Sun Medley》

Based on several songs by the Beatles, the audience will hear Good Day Sunshine, Ill Follow the Sun and a hint of Here Comes the Sun. This composition aims to evoke positivity, hope and optimism during a time when Covid has impacted everyones life. Taking inspiration from the lyrics tomorrow may rain so Ill follow the sun, there are fragments including You Are My Sunshine, Sunny, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, and Sunshine on My Shoulders to reinforce confidence and enthusiasm.


Flamenco music is a musical art incorporating singing, dancing with hand clapping, harmonic accompaniment on acoustic guitar and rhythmic accompaniment by the cajon (wooden box drum). Derived from folk traditions in southern Spain, it is characterized by its driving rhythm and metric patterns. The ensemble will perform an arrangement of “Morenacomposed by flamenco guitarist, Rafa El Tachuela which is in dedication to his mentor and friend, famed Spanish flamenco singer, Manuel Morena.

《Caribbean Carnival》

This medley is a celebration of Trinidadian music and the home of the steelpan. Calypso and soca styles are predominantly in major keys, fast tempos, syncopated rhythms and used in outdoor festivals. The songs featured are “Soca Tatie (by Jamaican Byron Lee), “The Rhythm of Calypso(by Phil Solomon) and “Bacchanal Lady,” by Trinidad’s most

《Beautiful Brazil》

The final destination is Brazil with a tribute medley consists of three diverse styles of music. The first is Dancada Lambada; this fast dance style rose to prominence in the 1980s in Northern Brazil and is a mix of their local music, carimbo and forro with American salsa, Dominican merengue and Bolivian saya. The second is a fast-tempo bossa nova called Running composed and performed by multi-grammy pianist and vocalist, Eliane Elias. The third song is called Sudden Samba featuring Brazilian percussion instruments and the rhythms and beats of the parade festival music used for Carnaval.

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