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We’re extremely honored and proud to have Prof. Volostnov introduce Prof. Lohmann to our audience. Being a former student of Prof. Lohmann, Prof. Volostnov is in the unique position to provide us first-hand and authentic insights into Prof. Lohmann’s works and accomplishments. We are sure our audience will find the story amazing and inspirational. Happy reading!

It’s a really big pleasure to have an opportunity of saying few words about my Stuttgart teacher Doctor Professor Ludger Lohmann!

I spent in his class the years from 2005 till 2013. It was absolutely fantastic time, and not only because of his fundamental knowledge, responsibility as a supervisor and unique teaching method. First of all Professor Lohmann is the one, who belongs to the number of the greatest performers and musicians of his time, and, I’m sure, of all time. The strongest impression I’ve got while relating with Professor Lohmann came especially from listening of his recitals. In addition to his virtuosity, technical perfection and aristocratic taste listener meets in Lohmann’s playing true deepness, cordial honesty and incredible power of soul!

Professor Lohmann is never on a “popular” end, he doesn’t care about advertising, playing something more welcoming to the audience or somehow artificially brighter. In general Professor Lohmann is not about a fun or even a pleasure, but he is definitely about serious message, which was, is and will be important for anyone. That is why Professor Lohmann’s repertoire choice falls mostly on the greatest musical philosophers, like Bach, Reger, Buxtehude or Brahms.

When you enter in his class, from the very beginning you are getting to know to really noble and strong personality, the one who, as you definitely feel, spend on you all his energy, care and love. Then you discover that everyone in his class feels the same. And what absolutely amaze you, when you discover, that he does that to every listener on his concert. And this is a miracle, which becomes real when Ludger Lohmann comes on stage!

By Konstantin Volostnov
Professor of Moscow State Tchaikovsky conservatoire

Konstantin Volostnov is a winner of the First Prize at the E.F.Walcker-prize in Schramberg (Germany, 2008) and First Prize at A.-F.Goedicke competition in Moscow (2008). In 2009 he became a winner (First prize) at St. Albans organ competition (UK) where he also got Peter Hurford prize (for the best performance of Bach’s work), Audience prize, and the prize for the best performance of Sacrificium by John Casken.